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welcome to Knowledge Express

Welcome to Knowledge Express

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Our Benefits
  • Exclusive CS coaching by Highly qualified & dedicated faculties
  • Full menu of subjects under one banner
  • Model exams & exhaustive test series
  • Amendment lectures applicable in final exams
  • Timely syllabus completion
  • Periodic revision & backup lectures available
  • Regular Performance Evaluation & Reports
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<p class="mt-3 mb-4 pr-lg-5">The first step on the path to becoming a qualified CS</p><ul style="list-style-type: disc;" data-mce-style="list-style-type: disc;"><li data-mce-style="text-align: justify;" style="text-align: justify;">• 1 Paper</li><li>• MCQ-Based Exam</li><li>• Conducted 4 times in a year</li><li>• No Negative Marking</li></ul>

CS - Executive

<p class="mt-3 mb-4 pl-lg-4 text-right">A stage to prove that YOU CAN DO IT!</p><ul><li class="mt-3 mb-4 pl-lg-4 text-right">• 2 Groups, 8 Papers </li></ul><ul class="list-unstyled text-capitalize"><li>• 5 Subjective Papers</li><li><p class="pl-lg-4 text-right">• 3 MCQ Papers |(With .25 Negative Marking) </p></li><li>• Pre-Eligibility Test To Qualify For Exam</li></ul>

CS - Professional

<p class="mt-3 mb-4 pr-lg-5">You’re almost there, KEEP GOING!</p><ul class="list-unstyled text-capitalize"><li><p>• 3 Groups, 9 Papers</p></li><li><p>• Subjective Exam</p></li><li><p>• Pre-Eligibility Test To Qualify For Exam</p></li></ul>


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